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Music Highlight – Schrammel Quartet and “Divas”: Reinsberg’s Viennese Magic

Music Highlight – Schrammel Quartet and “Divas”: Reinsberg’s Viennese Magic

Created on February 28, 2023 | 16:00

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“The musicians in this group have not been heard in Rensburg,” said Kathrin Karal-Semler (right), overjoyed. Peter Ohler, Eva Mayer, Nikolai Tunkovic, Traude Holzer, Peter Havlicek, Katharina Hohenberger and Walther Soyka have captivated the audience.

Stephanie Holzgruber

sThe chrammel quartet and Divas encapsulate old Viennese songs in a new look.

Plenty of musical talent is to be found on Sunday mornings at the Musium, because the “Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln” together with “Divas” Katharina Hohenberger, Traude Holzer and Eva Mayer brought the Viennese sound, as created in Heurigen’s taverns, to Reinsberg stage.


Accompanied by unique music from the “Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln”, authentic singers Katharina Hohenberger, Eva Mayer and Traude Holzer brought countless old Viennese songs to the stage.

Photo by Stephanie Holzgruber

The quartet of Peter Ohler, Nikolaj Tonkovic, Walther Soyka and Peter Havlicek provided the appropriate instrumental accompaniment with two violins, a button accordion and a contra guitar, while the three authentic singers brought to life the hilarious Viennese stories. “What connects all the singers is the Wienerlied’s love, their penchant for humor and their acting talent,” says arranger Katrin Karal-Semler. The musical recipe for success is complemented by the combination of “Divas” and “Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln”, which are performed at home in many theaters around the world.

According to the applause, the old Viennese dances and marches in unique arrangements were very well received by the approximately 150 guests. “Our new format, dinner, was very well received with breakfast at the Stadler Country Inn,” coordinator Kathryn Karal-Semler says, delighted with the successful event.