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Musikverein Vitis – Race Across America – The spring concert takes place across the pond

Musikverein Vitis – Race Across America – The spring concert takes place across the pond

The Vitis Music Association invites people to attend its 42nd Spring Concert on April 7 at Gasthaus Pichler in Vitis. Race across America Describes a musical arc that immersed listeners in the landscapes and eras of the United States of America. Listeners witnessed a lively and impressive concert.

President Ines Kainz welcomed several guests of honour, including Mayor Annette Topfel, and representatives of the sponsors (Appel, Hofrat Herbert Boden, Raiffeisenbank Vitis, Elk, Farb & Wohnen Müllner, KPP Consulting and Chimney Semler Semler). Honorary members Johann Wurz, Franz Suess and Edward Ritter attended the concert, as did many of their fellow musicians from the surrounding communities.

Awards and honors

Stefan Pfons, director of the Eggenburg Citizens' Corps, was happy to honor the members. Katharina Hörmann (clarinet), Matthias Gabauer (flugelhorn) and Moritz Petermann (percussion) won the Bronze Performance Badge. The Silver Performance Badge went to trumpeters Miriam Bauer and Andreas Widlem as well as to Wolfgang Bauer (tuba). Victoria Hirsch (tenor horn) and Jan Widhalm (tuba) received the Gold Badge of Achievement. Deputy Chief of Staff Yvonne Lackner has been awarded the Chief of Staff badge.

The Silver Medal of Honor for at least 25 years of membership went to Anita Troll (bass clarinet). Leopold Hofbauer (trumpet), Wolfgang Bauer (tuba) and Günter Vogler (flugelhorn) have been working at the Music Club for more than 40 years and have received the Gold Medal of Honor. This is topped by none other than Vinzenz Koller (saxophone), who has been loyal to the Vitis music club for over 50 years. For this he received a gold Medal of Honor with an additional lock.

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A concert tour across America

Kapellmeister Florian Bauer got off to a strong start with Olympic buzz By John Williams, who wrote the 1984 Summer Olympics hype. In Appalachian Introduction By James Barnes Audiences experience the harsh wilderness of the southern USA and, through gentle sounds, come to a grand finale in the Northeast. With mixed Rocky on Broadway (I'll Fly Now, Fight From the Heart and Eye of the Tiger), the orchestra, under the direction of Sandra Hofbauer, created a very evocative reminder of the Rocky films of the 1970s. With the well-known American military march Under the stars and stripes By John Philip Sousa We went to a break.

Gershwin and Bernstein's influences were New York Introduction by Kees Vlak can be heard clearly and with the film's timeless music Ennio Morricone The Vitis Music Club immersed itself in the Wild West. the Huckleberry Finn Suite Written by Franco Cesarini Remind some of you of the spirit of adventure. Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer composed the music for the animated classic Spirit: stallion by Cimarron. The musicians performed the heroic music admirably.

The piece took a detour to Innsbruck The last flight By Michael Geisler. In it, the Tyrolean composer addresses the plane crash of February 29, 1964, when a plane arriving from London crashed on the mountain slopes around Innsbruck, killing 83 people.