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Mysterious anomalies on the moon: here's the answer

Mysterious anomalies on the moon: here’s the answer

The mystery of the moon’s magnetic fields seems to have been solved.

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Researchers have been wondering about this for years Strong but sparse magnetic fieldsThis figure is on the moon. Now it appears that a group of Chinese scientists are on their way to figuring out how to do this Science alert mentioned.

The team analyzed moon rocks collected by the Chinese in December 2020 Chang’e 5 lunar probe She was brought to Earth. It contained particles Magnetite. metal, a Strongly magnetic iron oreIt is rarely found on the moon. arises when iron and oxygen They interact with each other under high temperatures or high pressure.

Magnetite causes magnetic anomalies

The author Zhuang Guo im paper.

The magnetite was in spherical grains of iron sulfide resembling molten droplets. This indicates that the magnetite at Giant meteorite impacts It may have formed on the moon.

In the past, researchers hypothesized that a meteorite impact could have injected highly magnetic material into the lunar soil. This would be at least a magnetic anomaly near the crater to explain.

Magnetite particles are also found in lunar sands

Based on the samples, the researchers now hypothesize that magnetite as non-microscopic particles is also present in The finest moon sand common. This must be taken into account when further investigation of inexplicable magnetic anomalies on the Moon.

Further research into the moon’s magnetic fields and magnetite distribution could reveal how this happens Great meteorites It hit the surface of the moon. This allows one to better understand how the moon’s surface was formed.

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