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Nahamer: Clear criteria for Ukraine’s status as a candidate for EU membership

Austria only wants to agree to Ukraine’s status as a candidate to join the European Union under certain conditions. “We need to ensure that the same criteria are applied to other applicants from Western Balkan countries. Against this background, it would not make sense for me to grant Ukraine candidate status and at the same time keep countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina on the sidelines,” said Chancellor Karl Nehamer (ÖVP). ) for the German newspaper “Welt”.

Bosnia and Herzegovina had already applied for membership at the beginning of 2016 and had only been considered a “potential candidate for membership” for years. Today, a recommendation is expected from the European Union Commission to grant candidate status to Ukraine. The decision of heads of state and government must be unanimous.

“No double standards”

“As far as the status of a potential EU candidate is concerned, I would like to make it clear that there are clear and well-established criteria to be observed without condition or requirement. There should be no double criteria or even first and second class applicants for membership,” stressed Nahammer. It must be ensured that the EU applies “the same standards” to Ukraine as it does to other developed countries of the Western Balkans.

Like the chancellor, Europe Minister Caroline Adstadler (ÖVP) suggested to the Kleine Zeitung newspaper. “It is indisputable that Ukraine is a European country and stands up for our values. But there are no shortcuts on the way to the European Union. There should be no two categories of applicants,” said Idstadler, referring to Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo as they await the next step in the process. Expansion.

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