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NASA discovers evidence of Planet Nine at the outer edge of the solar system

After Pluto has not been considered a planet for a long time, our solar system consists only of eight celestial bodies. However, researchers have for years assumed that there may still be a ninth planet. NASA has now found an important clue.

Scientists have now discovered more than 800 objects on the edge of our solar system that point to Planet Nine.

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Through an English-language statement, SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Schulz caused an uproar on Monday with a statement about Brexit. At the press conference about his victory in the elections to the Bundestag, the international media were also present, which were interested in the next possible Federal Chancellor.

Empty shelves and cramped gas stations: Schultz shocks Britons with Brexit statement

Poor working conditions, long distances, and weeks, if not months, away from home. These are all reasons for the shortage of long-distance drivers in Europe. England is showing how serious the situation really is. Many shelves in supermarkets are empty and there is no more petrol at gas stations.

The shortage of truck drivers in England: The roots of the problem also lie in Eastern Europe

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