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NASA has found the cause of errors in the Voyager 1 probe

NASA has found the cause of errors in the Voyager 1 probe

Scientists received a signal from Voyager 2


Since November, the data sent back to Earth by the Voyager 1 spacecraft no longer makes sense. Scientific and telemetry data changed from day to day Incomprehensible gibberish I turned. searching for Cause of the problem It took time, however Now NASA engineers own it is found.

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3 percent of computers are defective

It seems that the error lies in the so-called Flight Data Subsystem (FDS)It is a computer that packages data before sending it to Earth. In March, NASA sent a so-called “poke” command to Voyager 1 that was intended to determine the state of the FDS memory. as it turned out, 3 percent of the memory is faultythe computer will not work properly.

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Worn out after 46 years

The NASA team doubts this One slice That could be the source of the error. One can High energy particles They were hit or miss Simply worn out to have. After all, Voyager 1 has been traveling for 46 years. Voyager 1 was launched in 1977 with its twin spacecraft, Voyager 2. The probes have crossed the boundaries of the solar system and are in interstellar space.

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The solution may take some time

According to NASA, a solution to the problem is possible. However, engineers at the US space agency are optimistic that they will be able to find a solution that will… The defective part of the FDS has been bypassed Maybe. However, developing such a solution can take several forms Weeks or even months Claim.

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