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NASA: Hubble enters safety mode again

NASA: Hubble enters safety mode again

Hubble can also work with a gyroscope

The Hubble operations team is currently working on possible solutions to the problem. However, according to NASA, the situation is not so dire. If the affected gyro cannot be recovered, Hubble can be reconfigured to use only a gyroscopic instrument. In this case, the other working gyro will be put in reserve.

The last space telescope servicing mission was carried out using a space shuttle in 2009. Hubble was equipped with six new gyroscopes, three of which are still in use, including the problematic gyroscope instrument. Although Hubble can only work with a gyroscope, the telescope will no longer be able to observe planets, for example.

NASA said Hubble will continue to make groundbreaking discoveries and collaborate with other observatories such as the James Webb Space Telescope. The cooperation could continue into the next decade. Repair in space will also be possible – even if there are currently no options for that.

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