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NASA is looking for a successor to Astrofan

From 1984 onwards, a converted convoy accompanied each space shuttle crew to the launch pad: strophan. The legendary carrier will be revamped in the course of upcoming NASA Artemis missions. So the space agency has one heir announcement chest.

Space for 8 people

as Ars Technica reports, is the vehicle’s official name, “Artemis Crew Transport Vehicle”. According to the tender, there should be space for the driver, spacesuit technician, flight director, security and 4 * Astronaut inside Displays. Additionally, a lot of equipment, such as helmets, must fit, and doors must be wide enough for space travelers and their suits to fit comfortably.

The interior of NASA Astrofan

The interior of NASA Astrofan


It is also important that Astrovan’s successor is in operation No greenhouse gas emissions I was born. So it could be either an electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid vehicle, or a fuel cell vehicle. The new crew carrier can be either an all-in-one vehicle, a converted, commercially available vehicle, or it can be a conversion of the existing Astrovan. Anyway, the car must be finished June 2023.

X-style competition

As Ars Technica describes, NASA is trying to return to the Moon with Artemis missions. A capsule design like the one used in the 1960s will be used, and the SLS rocket will also contain space shuttle-era engines. This would also be the logical choice of the crew carrier retro option. For missions with the SpaceX Crew Dragon space capsule in the meantime Tesla Model X Used as a crew carrier.

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