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NASA 'portal'.  (Registration from 7. 5. 22)

NASA ‘portal’. (Registration from 7. 5. 22)

So is there life on Mars after all? Recent images from NASA show what appears to be a doorway carved into stone. It can also be a kind of entrance to the cellar. The recordings look very real and refer to living creatures that have lent a helping hand here. But that is not the issue. The phenomenon can be explained psychologically.

Life on Mars! What has been speculated about!

Now these doubts are given food again. NASA’s Curiosity rover captured an image on Mars showing a portal or portal that appears to have been carved into stone. The rover captured the image on May 7, 2022, and the assumption that it’s an extraterrestrial build-up has been circulating ever since. But is that really it, or is our perception playing tricks on us? Anyway, the recording caused such a stir on the Internet that NASA is on the web Mars Rover Curiosity Facebook account aware of this.

A NASA statement said:

There is a door in the first picture. Shame, Image source: NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover

“Some of you have noticed this picture I took on Mars. Sure, it might look like a small door, but it really is a natural geological feature! It can feel like a door just because your mind is trying to make sense of the unknown. (This is called “pareidolia” -> ) “

Zoom view.  You can see the rock fractures that cause this effect, Image Source: NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover
Zoom view. You can see the rock fractures that cause this effect, Image Source: NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover

The caption also describes the second image showing an enlarged view:

“You can see in it a small gap (>30 cm wide) between two rocky cracks. There are many linear bridges in the mound.chi – but at this point several commas intersect, which is ermohLike breaking a rock at such sharp angles.”

So there is no evidence that Mars is inhabited.

A phenomenon called pareidolia is responsible for the supposed goal. In this phenomenon, the brain tries to identify known objects in the unknown. Probably all of us know this when looking at the cloud. We’re looking for familiar patterns here. This phenomenon often occurs in relation to Mars. The floating spoon, the pyramid, and even the female figure can be interpreted with it.

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Perception effect

Whether it’s in clouds, in sockets, or at ground heights – people are trying to recognize faces all over the place. This phenomenon has been known as “pareidolia” since the 1950s. The term comes from Greek and means something like “illusion” (gr. para = next to, above, here more in the sense of “error” and gr. eídōlon = form, appearance, image). Canadian and Chinese researchers have won the 2014 Ig Nobel Prize, which is awarded for curious but serious research. They investigated what happens in the brain in pareidolia.

In an interview with Stern, psychologist Rainer Mosfeld of Kiel University explains this phenomenon by saying that it is very important for people and their social interactions to recognize faces as such. “For socially organized organisms, this is the most important concept of joining my ‘type’.” Even children are able to see faces. here

The face of Mars

Mars has excited the public to take pictures of its surface since 1976. Then the Viking 1 spacecraft photographed a rocky structure in the Martian heights of Sidonia-Mensai. The photo got a lot of attention as it appeared to show a face carved into the rock structure. Despite NASA’s explanation, speculation persists — and still does.

Image of a rock structure in the highlands of Mars Cydonia Minsai (Viking 1, 1976) Image source: NASA/JPL
Image of a rock structure in the highlands of Mars Cydonia Minsai (Viking 1, 1976) Image source: NASA/JPL

Also in the current case, no extraterrestrials are involved. The fact that this supposed entrance is a combination of many straight fractures in the rock that created this rectangular opening is not surprising. But the facts are often more boring than the stories we imagine.


No, it is not a portal or structure made by beings on Mars. Behind this is a cognition effect called pareidolia.

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Mars Rover Curiosity Facebook account

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