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NASA UFO Speculation: Tower + Even Serious Researchers Suppose Extraterrestrial Life

NASA UFO Speculation: Tower + Even Serious Researchers Suppose Extraterrestrial Life

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Serious researchers also assume that extraterrestrial life exists

WELT Senior Science Reporter Norbert Lusseau WELT Senior Science Reporter Norbert Lusseau

WELT Senior Science Reporter Norbert Lusseau

Quelle: Getty Images/MARK GARLICK/Science Image Library; Claudius Pflug

NASA chief Bill Nelson has acknowledged the possibility that recent UFO sightings are spaceships. In fact, the vast majority of scientists assume that there is life beyond Earth. The only question is: can he really travel to us?

NSThe question of the possibility of extraterrestrial beings anywhere in the vastness of the universe has been discussed by philosophers from antiquity to Immanuel Kant. The researcher Albertus Magnus even described it as “one of the noblest and most sublime questions in the study of nature”.

So far there is no answer to this question. However, for the first time in its history, humanity has a real opportunity to get closer to the answer – in short through science – with the help of powerful telescopes, research satellites and space missions.

It can be said that the question of the existence of aliens is the most important topic in science. It touches us in the depths of our being. Every report on UFOs that might be sent by extraterrestrial intelligence arouses the greatest interest among a large number of people.

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I sure know that too At Chef Bill Nelson, who now points out at an event for the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics that one doesn’t know what’s behind the many UFO sightings. In combination with sentences such as “Who am I, to be able to claim that Earth is the only inhabited planet in the universe,” the general sense is created that UFOs could actually be alien spaceships. None of his predecessors in office demonstrated this possibility so clearly.

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infinite spaces

The vast majority of astronomers and space scientists actually assume that, given the size of our universe and the vast number of stars and planets and thus also habitable planets, there is almost certainly extraterrestrial life – also intelligent beings who were highly advanced civilizations and also the ability to travel into space .

“Obviously there are no weather anomalies – but real things”

Source: WELT / Kevin Knauer, Laura Fritsch

This is one side of the medal. On the other hand, the almost unimaginable size of the universe also ensures that the distances between supposed cosmic civilizations cannot be overcome even with the most advanced spaceship technology. On the other hand, there are many limitations imposed by nature – primarily the speed of light, which is a fixed upper limit that no spacecraft can reach.

One can debate for a long time whether alien-built spaceships controlled by intelligent robots might not have traveled through space for millions of years in order to perform spectacular flight maneuvers, preferably over the western United States, and take pictures of them.

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While this cannot be ruled out, it is highly unlikely. UFO stands for “Unidentified Flying Object” and is not in itself an extraterrestrial spaceship. Many other possible explanations can be envisaged and one does not necessarily have to rely on the most likely.

NASA’s Expensive Mars Missions

Nor are powers such as China and Russia likely to test advanced technology, and possibly fast hypersonic missiles, over California in all places, as some speculate. Nor do we want to assume that the head of NASA is trying to divert attention from secret weapons developments in the United States with his references to extraterrestrial life. This doesn’t make any sense either.

It would be most reasonable – but even this could be just an assumption – that Nelson is intriguing American citizens with the topic of extraterrestrials because he has participated in the planned and costly NASA Mars missions to search for (former) life forms on the neighboring planet, and a new politician wants to give the tailwind. It’s not about discovering intelligent life. But even the discovery of the smallest fossil Martian microbe will revolutionize our view of the world.

If life also arose on early Mars independently of Earth, there is a lot to suggest that this process is easy to start moving. One can conclude from this that there are more inhabited planets in the universe than is actually assumed. But this does not mean that there are more unknown flying objects.