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NATO: The Hungarian opposition calls for a special meeting

NATO: The Hungarian opposition calls for a special meeting

Yesterday, the Hungarian opposition paved the way for an extraordinary parliamentary session to be held next Monday. This was stated by Democratic Alliance (DK) MP Agnes Vaday to APA. The opposition there wants to ratify Sweden's accession to NATO. But this is likely to fail due to a boycott by members of the ruling FIDES party.

The call to hold a special session of Parliament requires the signature of five percent of representatives. The Speaker of Parliament is obligated to call the meeting within eight days.

Little hope of success

Unfortunately, there is little hope of success because FIDES MPs may be missing and thus will prevent a quorum, Faday said. Since the summer of 2022, ruling party representatives have prevented the issue of ratifying Sweden's membership in NATO from being on the agenda.

Chancellery Minister Gergely Gulyas explained in a press conference that Sweden's membership in NATO will be decided in parliament when there is a “majority” in favor. Confidence-boosting steps are needed so that MPs can vote on ratification “with a clear conscience”. “We are waiting for the Swedish Prime Minister (Ulf Kristersson, NB) with open arms,” Gulyas explained.

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