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Naughty bear steals an Amazon parcel in front of a house in the United States

A collection provided by Amazon was recently stolen in front of the home of an American woman. The culprit is not a man, but a bear.

A bear steals a set. – Facebook / Christine Levine

Summarize the essentials

  • A viral video shows a bear running with a pack in its mouth.
  • The animal stole the Amazon delivery in front of the house in the United States.
  • The victim of the theft takes the loss with humor.

A strange theft took place in Connecticut, USA. Of Facebook-Userin Christine Levine Amazon Collection Stolen – Since A bear!

Levine posted a video of the incident on his account. You can see the animal holding the package in her mouth through her Driveway Going on. He behaves very calmly and according to him his action seems to be one of the most normal in the world.

The girl takes the story with a sense of humor

Shameful stealing is more entertainment than dissatisfaction for a woman from Bristol. Under the video, he is already making fun of the event. She is surprised too Whether Amazon Items stolen by bears were replaced.

Opposite “NBC Connecticut, ”Levine says she received an alarm from her security system five minutes after the delivery. Then she went out and found the bear.

Have you already stolen a package?

Be lucky In the package It wasn’t something she absolutely needed, so Levine. The stolen items are said to be toilet paper. Then she had childbirth. “It was a fun afternoon,” he says.

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