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Navalny in punishment dungeon for minor rule violations

Alexei Navalny, a critic imprisoned in the Kremlin, said he was in a punishment cell for three days for minor violations of prison rules. He said via his lawyer on Twitter yesterday that he was fined for not regularly pressing the top button of his prison uniform. He also tried to persuade fellow prisoners to establish a union.

“The solitary confinement cell is a 2.5 x 3 meter concrete cage. It is unbearable there most of the time because it is cold and damp. President Vladimir Putin’s opponent wrote, ironically, “there is water on the floor,” adding: “I have the beach version – it is very hot there There is almost no current.”

The window is small and there is no ventilation. “At night you lie there and feel like a fish out of water. At 5 am they take your mattress and pillow (…) and raise your bed. At 9:00 pm the bed is lowered again and the mattress is put back. There is an iron table, an iron stool, a sink and a hole in the floor And two cameras in the ceiling.

Navalny is reportedly serving his sentence for surveillance violations, fraud and contempt of court at the IK-6 criminal colony in Melikhovo, about 250 km east of Moscow.

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