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Nearly 8000 arrests in riots in Kazakhstan

Nearly 8000 arrests in riots in Kazakhstan

Unprecedented riots that claimed many lives in the Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan led to the arrest of nearly 8,000 people. On Monday morning, the country’s Ministry of Interior spoke of 7,939 detainees. In only two markets in Almaty, a southeastern city particularly affected by the unrest, 207 people were detained in two markets.

On Monday, there was a nationwide state of mourning in the former Soviet republic. According to the state agency Kazinform, all flags were placed at half mast. On Sunday, there was confusion over the number of deaths, which state TV reported at more than 160, citing the Health Ministry. This message was later deleted without giving reasons.

Kazakhstan, which borders Russia and China, has not calmed down for more than a week. Discontent over rising fuel prices at petrol stations in the oil and gas-rich country has turned into protests against the government. In addition to peaceful demonstrations, there were also violent riots, especially in the city of Almaty. According to the latest official figures, more than 2,000 people have been infected across the country.

On Monday, people in the economic city of Almaty were initially able to use the Internet again, a resident of the German news agency dpa in Moscow confirmed. The Internet was repeatedly cut off for several days. Therefore, it was difficult to obtain independent information about the situation in Kazakhstan.

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