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Need for Speed ​​Unbound will also get a lot of updates in 2024

Need for Speed ​​Unbound will also get a lot of updates in 2024

( – Need for Speed ​​Unbound, released at the end of 2022, will continue to be supported by developers in 2024. Several updates are planned in the year of the 30th anniversary of the Need for Speed ​​franchise Commercial. As part of our live service and content philosophy, the content outlined below may change based on community feedback.

There will also be updates to NFS Unbound in 2024 with new content for the game

“Our vision is that, in the second year of our live service, you can play the definitive NFS experience in one place for the first time ever. Your feedback and gameplay will help define the future of this iconic series. As you play, we pay attention to the things you see in game and the things you You don't want to see it – we listen, notice and react. We call this approach Kaizen,” explains EA.

If you don't really know what to do with Kaizen, you will also receive a short explanation. “Kaizen is a Japanese concept that symbolizes positive change and continuous improvement. We believe this concept represents exactly what we want to achieve with NFS and we want you – our players and fans – to play a key role and this is how we envisioned it.” :

Continue developing storage units

We're committed to adding four new volumes of content throughout the year, released a few months apart. Our goal is to deliver some exciting and premium updates with at least one new major mode included in each volume. We will expand and improve these every time. There will be more events, more challenges, new content, ranks to earn, and progress to follow. As part of the Speed ​​Pass, there will be at least two new cars that are fully customizable. And when we talk about gigs, we of course do not mean any gigs, but only those that exist in NFS. We're not talking about base models with standard paint – these vehicles' body kits are customizable from front to back and have a variety of interchangeable parts so you can customize everything about your vehicle the way you want.

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Fixes and improvements

We really want to focus on the things that matter most and improve them (like adding realistic driving effects last December), but we're a small team and need to be careful about where we invest our time. We always focus on fixes that we think are best for everyone. For every improvement we want to make, we have to trade off between something new and something different. We will therefore monitor your comments and feedback closely and regularly update you on what we have learned.

Distinctive speed lane

In Volume 6, we're introducing a new premium version of the Speed ​​Pass, giving you direct access to one of our awesome new cars and allowing you to earn content in exchange for deep customization. In this edition you will also find customized versions of the car and the hottest new customization options for the season. By revamping our Speed ​​Pass in this way, we can continue to bring you unique content, but in a streamlined way. Don't worry if that's not your thing, we're still offering the free version of the Speed ​​Pass, with new cars and customization options to look forward to.

This year is a test for us to know and understand what you like. By committing to an expanded live service for Unbound, we will be able to implement your feedback, which we will collect in several ways. We work closely with our dedicated Player Council, whose amazing members include NFS influencers, key community members, and players to understand what matters to them and their communities. We'll be tracking more game telemetry data to better understand what you like through gameplay data. We will also make sure we close the feedback loop and be as transparent as possible with you by letting you know what is within our control and what is outside of our control.”

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