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Negative record!  Haaland and City make mistakes in the title race

Negative record! Haaland and City make mistakes in the title race

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Negative record! Haaland and City make mistakes

Manchester City may be missing two important points in the title race. The Citizens can't get past the draw against Chelsea. Liverpool FC benefits from the points split.

Gabriel Scuro
Gabriel Scuro

League leaders Liverpool FC debuted in the English Premier League and successfully defended their lead. German team manager Jurgen Klopp's team won 4-1 (1-0) at Brentford and maintained first place. Defending champion Manchester City lost points in the evening with a 1-1 (0-1) draw in the top match against Chelsea and squandered their advantage with one game less in their account.

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The Sky Blues team, led by coach Pep Guardiola, fell to third place after the draw. Former City player Raheem Sterling advanced for Chelsea after a counterattack (42), and Rodri (83) scored the deserved equalizer. Despite their overwhelming superiority, City were unable to turn the match around.

Haaland's bitter evening

The match was particularly bitter for star Erling Haaland, who failed to score his goal despite many good opportunities. The Norwegian finished the match with nine shots on target, three of which were considered high chances by England's statisticians.

With an xG value of 1.71, Haaland also recorded a negative record in the Premier League. The value of expected goals has never been higher if a player subsequently remains goalless. Out of frustration, the star hit the TV camera of the broadcast station sky around.

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“Haaland is having an evening to forget in front of goal,” he wrote. daily Mail. The paper gave the scorer the worst score of all City's professionals: “A bunch of missed shots. It wasn't his night, and City did enough to win the game.”

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Former professional Daniel Sturridge said in… sky: “I think Haaland was unlucky with his headers today. A player of his level will go home guilty.”

On 53 points, the defending champions trail Liverpool (57) and Arsenal (55) and can win a catch-up match against Brentford on Tuesday (8.30pm).sky) only regained second place.

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