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Nehammer and Root demand an EU solution for migration

Nehammer and Root demand an EU solution for migration

However, Rutte said it would take several EU summits to resolve these issues. When the EU-Turkey refugee deal was decided in 2016, things were easier, according to the Dutch prime minister. Now the European Union has a large number of problems, including Schengen, Frontex, the Dublin system and back. “We have to abide by the Dublin rules again, otherwise Schengen will not survive,” Rutte demanded.

“If we want to preserve the European Union as a safe haven for refugees, we also have to make sure the numbers can be managed,” Rutte said. It is clear that more measures are needed to protect the external borders. However, Rutte argued that the EU Commission should not be told what to fund.

Nehammer said that Austria, like the Netherlands, had the same problems with Dublin’s comeback. Nehammer accused the EU Commission, which does not want to fund the walls, of taking an “ideological approach” to the issue. The EU’s external border protection specification also includes structural measures. “It is not right if Bulgaria is left alone with the costs.” In fact, Bulgarian border guards also protect the borders of Austria and the Netherlands. “It’s not a question of ideology, it’s practical,” Nehammer said. You need to be flexible and creative. Also important is the financing of technical equipment, personnel and drones. It is very important that countries like Bulgaria and Romania receive support. “A fence that is not monitored is not a hindrance.”

Nehammer described it as important that the special EU summit ever take place. “I’ve been waiting for too long.”

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Chancellor Worth emphasized the close relations between Austria and the Netherlands. “We are united in our concerns about Schengen expansion at this point in time,” said Nehammer.

Austria blocked Bulgaria and Romania from joining Schengen in December due to illegal immigration. The Netherlands also raised concerns about Bulgaria. During a visit to the Bulgarian-Turkish border on Monday, Nehammer called on the European Union to finance two billion euros for the expansion of the Bulgarian border fence.

Under the Dublin system, the country of first reception would be responsible for the asylum procedure, but in practice the system has been working poorly in the EU.