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Neon announces the launch of fully managed, multi-cloud, developer-friendly Postgres

San Francisco, April 12 /PRNewswire/ Neon, Inc. announced. Today announced the release of a technical preview of the fully managed and native Postgres cloud at the WeAreDevelopers global conference and Prisma Day in Berlin. After a limited pre-release that only invited guests had access to, the free Neon offer is now available to everyone. Neon’s innovative architecture increases efficiency and the user experience for today’s developers while keeping costs as low as possible.

The Hacker News community voted for Neon on its first trending topic on May 28. Neon’s capabilities like one-click playback, unlimited storage, and auto-expanding have resonated with Postgres and the broader developer community.

“Our mission is to create a Postgres-based Internet and empower the next generation of developers,” said Nikita Shamgunov, CEO of Neon. We keep in touch with the developer community, listen to their needs and provide them with ready-made tools to work smarter. and faster. These are the first steps toward that goal.”

Neon optimizes resources by separating storage and processing energy: it rotates automatically during peak activity and drops to zero during inactivity. With a scalable cloud architecture, Neon offers unlimited storage and is currently compatible with Amazon S3. Other cloud storage providers will follow.

“Using Postgres alone is not that easy when it comes to scaling,” Mary Braswell, Founders Fund Manager, tells me. Neon has developed features that will make my work as a developer easier in the past. The good news is that other developers can now take advantage of Neon.”

Neon impressed early on investors, raising a total of $24 million during its initial and Series A funding rounds. With the support of partners including Prisma, Neon will continue to innovate. It is currently planned to integrate more innovative tools for a new generation of developers. Neon demonstrates its commitment to the values ​​of open source through its generous free offering and regular contributions to the DevOps community. Neon has an extensive roadmap and is looking to give developers the opportunity to work with Postgres.

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Neon is a fully cloud-managed Postgres-as-a-Service company backed by an impressive list of top investors including Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst and Founders Fund. By separating storage from compute, Neon offers automatic scaling, one-click operation, multi-cloud compatibility, and unlimited storage, providing a simple, reliable, and powerful experience for developers. With the generous free tier, developers can get started and run scaling quickly and efficiently as desired. Learn more through neon.

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