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Netanyahu in Berlin: “Judicial reform will strengthen democracy”

Netanyahu in Berlin: “Judicial reform will strengthen democracy”

During his flying visit, the prime minister also faced criticism over controversial judicial reform. The hosts do a diplomatic balancing act. But there is a flicker of sympathy for President Herzog’s compromise proposal.

As is often the case with Olaf Schultz, it was not clear why he was wearing a wide grin on his face. Perhaps because Benjamin Netanyahu also smiled so clearly when he asserted that Israel would remain a “liberal, strong and vibrant democracy”? Along with the German chancellor, the Israeli prime minister stressed at the press conference at the Federal Chancellery in Berlin that his government will strive for the separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branches with controversial judicial reform “as in other Western countries as well”.

In Israel there is a defect in the power structure due to the Supreme Court’s veto power. Netanyahu said the reform would strengthen democracy. The Israeli prime minister again presented himself in Berlin as a stellar media professional who ignored the massive protests at home and the smaller gathering in the German capital, where slogans echoed from the Brandenburg Gate throughout the government district.

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