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Netanyahu's opponents are negotiating under heavy pressure to form a new government

Netanyahu’s opponents are negotiating under heavy pressure to form a new government

The clock is ticking for opposition leader Lapid

Opponents of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continue to try to form a government hours before the deadline. The two parties announced Wednesday morning that the Future Party led by Yair Lapid and the Blue and White Center Alliance led by Benny Gantz successfully concluded coalition negotiations that night. Lapid has to get up to six other partners to get a parliamentary majority by 11pm CET.

The potential partners are far apart in content, and they are essentially united by their aversion to the long-running premiere that has enveloped Netanyahu. According to the information, Lapid and the leader of the far-right Yamina party, Naftali Bennett, agreed to rotate in the position of prime minister. Former Defense Minister Bennett must be the first prime minister for two years, then Lapid must replace him.

According to media reports, the appointment of the judges should be disputed to the end. The government will also have to be sworn in in Parliament within a week. A simple majority of 120 deputies is necessary for this.

That is why Lapid wants to take over the position of foreign minister first. His future party is located in the political center. In the March elections, the party became the second most powerful force after Netanyahu’s right-wing conservative Likud party.

This was the fourth election in two years. Netanyahu, who once again failed to form a government, is under pressure over corruption measures. According to media reports, he and his supporters continue to work intensively to prevent the formation of a government under Lapid and Bennett.

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