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Netflix: How to set up a second home despite account sharing bans

Netflix: How to set up a second home despite account sharing bans

Since May 23, German and Austrian users are no longer allowed to share their Netflix accounts with people outside their household. But second homes aren’t a problem, Netflix writes in the support entry. All you have to do is take a mobile phone with you to both accommodations.

The main hub for accommodation discovery is the so-called home site, which you have to select once when prompted – for example on TV. Netflix then uses the IP address to, among other things, record the Internet connection being used there. However, in second homes, vacation apartments, and weekend homes, you have to connect to a different network—the worry of those affected that they wouldn’t be able to use the streaming service there in the future was correspondingly great.

yes one Entry support It shows that Netflix takes such scenarios into account: The mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with the Netflix app installed plays a central role. In the first step, this should be connected to the WLAN of the main residence. It is important to make sure that you are signed in to the mobile device with the same account that is also used in the TV app. Then the game is repeated in the second house, where the TV and mobile device must be in the same network and use the same account.

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After logging into the Netflix app on the mobile device in the second home, the account is activated on site for 30 days according to Netflix. In practice, this means that the second site can be used continuously as long as the procedure described above is performed once a month.

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If the secondary residence is abroad, it should also be noted that the range of titles (including associated audio and subtitle options) varies from country to country. Age ratings can also differ from German requirements, so that some films or series are not available via children’s profiles.

In contrast, if you move to your current country, you may need to update your primary location to continue accessing Netflix. This update can be done in the instruction panel of the TV, such as Netflix described in the instructions. Anyone who has not yet received a request to set their home site will also discover that Netflix has already done so automatically in their case.


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