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Netherlands: Widespread resignation from Wilders’ party

Netherlands: Widespread resignation from Wilders’ party

Talks to form a government were halted following the electoral victory achieved by right-wing populist Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, shortly before they began.

Jom van Streen, the mediator appointed by Wilders to lead the talks, announced his resignation today after the media reported allegations of fraud in his former company. Van Streen explained that the “turmoil” surrounding the reports and the time needed to respond appropriately “is not commensurate with my job” as a mediator.

Van Strien should have started the talks today

The senator from the PVV party, to which Wilders belongs, continued that he informed Wilders and the Speaker of Parliament of his resignation from the mission. Van Strien was supposed to officially begin talks today to form a coalition and meet party leaders.

The Freedom Party won 37 seats out of 150 in the elections that took place on Wednesday. Forming a government is traditionally difficult in the Netherlands due to the highly fragmented political system. Four or more parties are often needed to form a government. An already difficult task has become more complicated for Wilders after the long-time leader of the conservative bourgeois ruling party (VVD) indicated that she had no interest in joining the government.

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