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New climate protection law – Germany wants to be climate neutral by 2045

New climate protection law – Germany wants to be climate neutral by 2045

After the German Federal Constitutional Court ruling last week, German Environment Minister Svenia Schultz and Deputy Chancellor Olaf Schultz presented key points for a new climate protection law. Among other things, the package stipulates that Germany will commit for the first time to becoming climate neutral by 2045. The ministers announced this on Wednesday at a press conference called for in a short time.

Climate neutrality means greenhouse gas emissions as much as it can be linked back. The SPD ministers’ plans, which have yet to be finalized, include a new national target for greenhouse gas emissions of 65% by 2030. In addition, a new target will be set for 2040: Germany must reduce its emissions by 88% by then.

‘Ambitious but possible’

The key points must finally be agreed with the coalition partner, Al-Ittihad, and will be adopted by the Federal Cabinet next week. “There is an agreement in the government,” Schultz said. Finance Minister Schultz has spoken of extensive talks in the government. “We will be in the cabinet next week with an ambitious climate protection law, which is nonetheless achievable,” he said.

With changes in climate law, the German government is reacting to a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court. Last week, Karlsruhe judges obligated the legislature to regulate greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for the post-2030 period in more detail by the end of 2022. (APA, DPA, Reuters)

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