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New coach at SK Sturm, Hartberg’s austerity course

New coach at SK Sturm, Hartberg’s austerity course

SK Sturm introduced a newcomer yesterday. Sargon Duran is the new coach of Sturm-Frauen, replacing long-time coach Christian Lange. Doran was already an assistant coach to the coaches of Erin Furmann (OFB women’s national team), Christian Elzer (Austria Vienna) and Klaus Schmidt (Admira). As of June 16, Lang is still coaching the women. “A good slowdown for all of us,” Lang said. As reported, the second new signing will be goalkeeper Matteo Bignetti from Frankfurt, who will be used in Sturm II in the future.

The coaching circuit is also transforming in the Bundesliga. After the departure of Klaus Schmidt as coach of Altach, the former “participant” Joachim Standvist could take over the first place. Styrian has been president twice, in Sturm II (2017) and in Amstetten (2020/21). Red Ried continues to rely on coach Maximilian Senft for two more seasons, until the 2024/25 season. Sneft replaced Christian Heinel after 19 laps.

In Hartberg, some of the players went around captain Jurgen Hill on the traditional weekend final trip to Mallorca. Logically, coach Markus Schaub and TSV president Eric Korher were not on board. The duo are still in talks over Schaube’s place as Oststeerer coach, and there could be an agreement next week when the man returns from Graz from his short holiday. After the last game in Lustenau, the 42-year-old said he “supposes I’ll be in Hartberg next year.” Corher has now made it clear that there will only be new players on a free transfer, as the Styrians have already moved Dominic Prokop and Reuben Providence a call option. Ex-Sturm central defender Paul Kombusch is also an “interesting player” in this regard, Korher explains.

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