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New enthusiasm for M.ars – Meiseldorf: a cultural association with new goals

New enthusiasm for M.ars – Meiseldorf: a cultural association with new goals

The M.ars Association begins a new series of events with President Lucia Oksnik and Artistic Director Rafaela Vos. There is a lot on offer. From blues, soul and American rock to classical film music with organ, saxophone, choral singing and dulcimer songs to cabaret, burlesque, drag, graffiti, photography, musicals, clowning, percussion, movement, masks and stage design, it’s all there. The association wants to revive the artistic experience in the community and the region.

M.ars’ stated goal is to make art visible, accessible, and experienceable up close. “We want to remove the invisible wall between the actors and the audience,” explained Lucia Oksnik. It’s about making art a positive, enriching, inspiring, motivating and supportive experience. After the departure of Eric Biffle, Mayor Nico Riesel probably did not know what would happen to the club. But, says Osnik: “We are grateful to him because we can bring our talents here to the Mysseldorf community to promote regional art and culture.”

Advent party in Stockern for starters

The first event of the new team will take place on Thursday, December 7, from 7 pm in the Herz Gesu Church in Stockern with the Bauchfühl group. The young ensemble from Weinviertel, made up of musicians Annie Gschwandtner, Birgit Trauner and Jonathan Lechner, will perform a colorful mix of traditional Christmas songs, popular and newly arranged Christmas songs and self-composed Christmas songs. “MeinKlang”, a formation of seven girls from Klein-Meiseldorf brought together by their love of making music, will also be heard on this day.

Program 2024: many highlights

The program has already been decided for 2024. With Stefan Grimmel (“The Songs of Reinhard May”) on February 17, Marlene Briggsbauer (“Living Room Songs”) on April 13, and Stefan and Daniel Gottfried (“Classical Meets Film”) in April. June 8, Fliederstaudn & Wurzelwerk (“Healing though the vessel is cracked”) September 21, Wanjo Banjo (“Es weads nu Schaun”) October 19 and with SaitenWind’s meditative Advent concert on December 7, it was very colorful. Tickets are sold limited and exclusively for 100 subscriptions. There are regional entries for six events for youth and adults.

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