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New episode of the report series: ʺUnderstanding Democracyʺ: Presidential Elections in the USA |  News Releases |  Press

New episode of the report series: ʺUnderstanding Democracyʺ: Presidential Elections in the USA | News Releases | Press

The presidential and congressional elections in the United States on November 5, 2024 are considered a “destiny election” — for American democracy and the international security order, the global economy, and more. Political scientist Professor Dr. Andrea Römmele meets experts from various fields and discusses with them the forecasts, developments and possible scenarios surrounding the elections in one of the most powerful countries in the world. It explains how the US electoral system works and the special features.

A central theme of the report is to compare the strategies of two main opponents, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The film shows what role the age of the two candidates plays, in which states they have the most support, where the campaign is most fiercely contested, and which issues are at the forefront.

Melissa Eddy, Germany correspondent for the New York Times, presents current analysis and describes the media's role in elections. Dr. Mark Koplovich, a professor of politics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a fellow at the American Academy in Berlin, highlights, among others, the paradox of objectively good economic conditions and dissatisfaction with the American economy. Campaign and strategy consultant Julius Van de Laar analyzes election mechanisms and political dynamics, and Democrat Abroad Constance Cucholowski provides insights into the perspectives of American Democrats living abroad.

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