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New fast charging stations: Will electric cars soon be limited to homeowners only?

New fast charging stations: Will electric cars soon be limited to homeowners only?

Anyone thinking about buying a car will arrive He no longer surpasses the Strummers. However, even those who generally believe that electric cars are good still face a number of obstacles. These obstacles usually have to do with money. It is therefore not surprising that, according to a study by the German Development Bank, electric cars are purchased primarily by high-income people who own their own homes and in rural areas.

There are reasons for this.

I also notice in my area that so far only those who actually drive electric cars Own your own home. Back home, injured, and everything was fine. What's the problem, you ask me?

The problem is with the store

Everyone who lives in an apartment – rents – and parks his car on the street understands what the problem is. Even if you have rented space in a parking garage, it's not that easy It's easy to get power: “Just” install the wall box? The owner must first agree – and often has to spend a lot of money.

Regarding infrastructure, there is a need for expansion.

It's nicer to read that Smatrics EnBW is in Austria It now plans to create 200 new high-speed charging points. By the end of the year, high-performance charging points with a capacity of up to 400 kilowatts should be available along the high-level road network and in supermarket car parks in urban areas – expansion hotspots are located along the Western and Southern Freeways.

the The first large, partially covered park for express shipping To be commissioned in 2024: Charging parks each containing 16 fast charging points will be built in Innermanzing (Lower Austria) as well as Regau and Vorchdorf (Upper Austria). Another fast charging park with 12 charging points is being added in Spielberg (Styria).

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“E-mobility is a long time coming Suitable for daily use“Further expansion requires fast charging infrastructure not only along highways, but also in retail and cities,” says Thomas Landsbeek, CEO of SMATRICS EnBW. Therefore, we are working to expand our offerings to other regions and additional regions.”

Collaborations with retailers also continue. In cooperation with the Rewe Group in Austria, up to 120 additional locations will be added to the existing 70 locations (Bila, Billa Plus, Penny) by 2025. The charging network will also be significantly expanded next year with other retail partners, Including Bauhaus Österreich and Metro.

Fill up while you shop

Fill up quickly while shopping: Sounds good. However, the fact that fast charging causes battery life to age more quickly is less encouraging.