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New game content and improvements with update V1.7.0 and Season 4

New game content and improvements with update V1.7.0 and Season 4

( – Since Thursday, April 4, 2024 EA Sports WRC Download the latest update. With version 1.7.0 there are more improvements and fixes for different areas of the game. It shows which bugs were fixed and where the developers made modifications German language change history.

There is now a new update and game content for rally fans

Alongside the update, there are preparations for Season 4, which includes new Rally Pass items, moments and new customization options for drivers and vehicles. Customization objects can be unlocked using Experience Points (EP) collected in the game.

There are 20 bonus levels in total. Players can unlock up to 10 free items and five bonus items with EA Play. Including the 15 items included in the VIP Rally Pass, a total of 30 items will be available throughout the season.

Virtual reality will soon make the driving experience more realistic

Players who have not completed the Season 3 Rally Pass until the morning of April 9 will have the opportunity to attempt to unlock all the rewards. After that, the fourth season begins and it has a new season full of special moments.

With the real WRC 2024 season already underway, Moments will now be inspired by this year's rallies and will be available in-game approximately one to two weeks after each event. Four Moments have been announced for this season, which are based on the 2024 Rally Croatia and Rally Italia Sardinia.

EA Sports WRC attempts to recreate the feeling and experience of sitting in a rally car as realistically as possible. With VR being released as a free update to the PC version, the gaming experience is expected to see another jump from the end of April.