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Dark Envoy (Rollenspiel) von Event Horizon

New insights into the role-playing game of the makers of Tower of Time

Event horizon (Time tower) You have a new video after a long period of radio silence Dark Envoy The post providing insights into the history of 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Role-playing game: Last updated video: Story Trailer

On steam And the Gog You can actually put Dark Envoy on your wish-list. In the description of the game it says: A science fiction fantasy role-playing game set in a dark world in which Mana turns the prevailing magical system upside down. Take on the role of two brothers in hunting antiquities and try to influence the course of the conflict that affects the world threatening to divide.

Malakai and Kaela are the children of war refugees who find their way as adventurers in search of ancient ruins and forgotten places. But soon they have to learn to survive the turmoil of war, because a bloody tragedy marks the beginning of their true journey. Dark Envoy combines a deep, non-linear storyline with tactical team battles, dynamic gameplay, and high-quality graphics and effects. Plus, modern concepts meet classic style devices, creating a very unique role-playing experience.

The main part of Dark Envoy consists of a campaign that can be completed alone or in association via the Internet with another player. Get a friend and travel the world in search of dungeons, projects and riches. Experience the excitement and search for ancient ruins and forgotten places together.

An all-out war breaks out in January, as people use their mana-based technology to upset traditional balance and former magical traditions. The people, mysterious beings with a more mysterious past, gathered under the banner of a self-proclaimed emperor to finally build a home for themselves. Ancient races have always despised humans for their weak attachment to magic and kept them under control with their superlative, mysterious knowledge. But then the goblins and elves were expelled from their countries of origin and now they have to defend the natural order of magic. ”

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The following features are mentioned:

  • Completed: Hire characters like a moon dwarf killer, quirky engineer, ex-imperial soldier, glorified dwarf soldier, and others.
  • Non-linear role-playing story: your decisions are to be everything and its end, because it can direct the struggle in its grip on an offender in one direction or another. Which faction are you in? Will it stand for peace and honor, or bloodshed and destruction?
  • Random Main and Secondary Quests and Dungeons: Explore the world in search of ancient treasures with a sky ship – More than 15 dynamic areas of the game world contain a variety of game mechanics. There are tons of quests and events waiting for you to discover. In addition to the main and secondary missions, you have optional dungeons that change their appearance. These are demanding areas where rooms and patrol routes change with each entry. There are huge bonuses in these dungeons, but you need to be on the alert if you want to catch what these unique locations have to offer.
  • Tactical Team Combat: Real-time combat (with slow-motion and pause function) the reward for tactical thinking. Strategize your party, use Destructible Cover and choose from a deep arsenal of dazzling graphic skills to take on your opponents.
  • Authentic and flexible role-playing systems: Use a wide range of talents in the four core classes and sixteen majors. Discover rare secret classes that can only be found on remote locations and through special missions. Try and play your way: combine talent trees, enhance individual skills, and choose classes and majors that complement each other. Use a comprehensive crafting system that includes research and magic.