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New Panasonic battery plant planned for US

New Panasonic battery plant planned for US

Panasonic is in talks for another US location worth about $4 billion. The factory will be in addition to the already announced battery factory in Kansas. It was first reported by “Wall Street Journal” insiders.

Is Oklahoma the site for another battery plant?

The new plant is likely to be located in the US state of Oklahoma, but there is no guarantee that an agreement will be reached in current negotiations, the statement said. The Oklahoma governor declined to comment. A Panasonic spokesman said it was reviewing various growth strategies, but did not comment on reports of another US factory.

In July, Panasonic already announced Kansas as the location for a new battery factory. The electronics giant plans to invest up to $4 billion there and create 4,000 jobs. Maybe like it Panasonic Kansas to make new 4680 cells for Tesla No word yet on production capacity or schedule.

Demand for battery cells for electric cars is increasing

Panasonic wants to increase its production capacity to meet increasing demand from Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers. Panasonic sees the production of battery cells as critical to its future growth.

Tesla also did not comment on the reports. Panasonic and Tesla have been working together for over a decade. Panasonic though Tesla Offering battery cells from the start, the Japanese group was slower to expand capacity than its rivals, LG Energy Solutions Co. from South Korea. CATL From China, the world’s largest manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles.

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