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New power amplifiers: AE 120, AE 105, AE 108

The manufacturer Acoustic Energy is constantly expanding its portfolio. The currently successful 100² series evolves with three very different speaker models, a subwoofer, a floor-standing subwoofer and a wall-mounted subwoofer.

Acoustic Energy 100² Series: Innovations

The Acoustic Energy AE 105² tweeter, shown above the teaser image, is a wall-mounted speaker that fits just as well as the center woofer as it does the rear speaker. It comes in a two-way design with two bass drivers and a subwoofer.

Acoustic Energy AE 108² Subwoofer – 150W Compact Subwoofer Announced

On the other hand, the Acoustic Energy AE 108² is an active subwoofer that features an 8-inch woofer with a paper cone and a 150-watt woofer. The minimum frequency is given as 30 Hz, the crossover frequency can be adjusted continuously between 40 and 110 Hz.

Acoustic power AE 120²

Acoustic Energy AE 120² – flagship model comes in a 3-way design with two low-frequency-band drivers as well as mid-range and subwoofer

Then there’s the new 3-way main speaker, the AE 120². There are two tweeters, a mid-range driver and a woofer working together here, conducted by an impedance-compensated crossover. The casing is made of 15mm thick HDF and is supposed to come with struts and detailed isolation measures to reduce resonance.

the prices:

  • Acoustic Energy AE 105²: 250 euros (each)
  • Acoustic Energy AE 108²: 600 euros (each)
  • Acoustic Energy AE 120²: 1,200 euros (pair)


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