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New release: Journalist Robert Eichenauer from Graz as book author

New release: Journalist Robert Eichenauer from Graz as book author

He has been a constant star in the Styrian media firmament for many years, and now journalist and editor Robert Eichnauer has joined the ranks of book authors. “Bardot” is the name of his first work.

The Energie Steiermark halls on Leonhardstrasse were well filled Robert Eichnauer A well-known and popular media colleague invited me to attend a book presentation. “He had the most successful years for the magazine.”Styrian month“It had a huge impact on him, he has been working for many years.”weekend“Not only as a managing director, but also as a very sharp ‘gentleman’s pen’.”

Ostrovsky loves it, and so does Pizzara

“Bardot” So the title of Eichnauer’s first book is What Do Deep Critics Say About It? the actor Michael Ostrovsky The work is simply called “Meditative Reading for Weary Earthlings.” Music star Paul Pizzara In turn, he speaks of “literary soil that can be cultivated” and “All the attention“: Chris Stani and Max Beder find the book “like an album of good songs.”

An extraordinary volume of stories

This volume contains many stories Six storiesThey are self-sufficient and yet interconnected. Set in different decades and divided into powerful characters, “Bardot” tells of the transitions, breaks and changes that affect almost everyone with varying degrees of severity. there Extraordinary stories from Ordinary people. Describing his literary works, Eichenauer says: “Most events and encounters in our lives have no meaning at all and have no impact on our existence. But sometimes coincidence turns into fate and one incident changes our existence from A to Z.” He sees himself as a storyteller

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Lear, his top priority is: “You must not bore your audience!”

About the author:
Robert EichnauerHe was born in Wels, Upper Austria, and studied history and German philology in Salzburg and Graz. He has been working in the media field since the early 1990s, and founded a magazine in 2005, which he managed and recently served as editor-in-chief. Eichenauer is married with three children and lives in Styria. “Bardot” is his first book.
Bardot is published as a print book and as an e-book. 208 pages.

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