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New Social Media Platform: Trump's "Truth Social" Network Starts Tomorrow

New Social Media Platform: Trump’s “Truth Social” Network Starts Tomorrow

New social media platform
Trump’s “Truth Social” Network Starts Tomorrow

Donald Trump has been banned from tweeting and posting on Facebook for a year now. As of tomorrow, the former president may celebrate his return to social media. Then the internal social media application “Truth Social” should be available.

The social media app of former US President Donald Trump is expected to be available tomorrow. According to Reuters news agency, the social network’s chief product officer, known only as Billy B., confirmed when asked that the app will be available on Apple’s App Store from Monday. That’s the plan, he explained in a question-and-answer session on the platform, in which 500 selected volunteers were said to have been allowed to take the test for a few weeks.

Previously in january It has been reported that the network called “Truth Social” will be available from the end of February and will operate similar to Facebook. On February 15, Donald Trump Jr, the former president’s eldest son, posted a screenshot of the platform on Twitter for the first time. This was the first post by Trump himself on “Social Truth”. “Get ready,” the billionaire explains in them. “Your favorite president will be back soon!”

Trump threatens impeachment

Trump announced the creation of his own social network after Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms deleted his accounts. The reason for this is the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters a year ago and the assumption that the former president could have provoked them with his behavior and statements after the presidential election. So Trump threatens Take to court to become.

“Truth Social” aims to be an alternative to existing platforms that, according to Trump, restrict free speech and, above all, suppress conservative voices. Therefore, the billionaire founded the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), which as a company is supposed to control the business of his social media platform. Data Ratings Facebook, for example, shows that pro-Trump accounts regularly generate the most views and interactions.

Ally from the boss

The CEO of TMTG is a former Republican congressman Devin Nunes. The Californian sat in the US House of Representatives from 2003 until the beginning of the year and had emerged as a strong Trump supporter in the past. As chair of the House Intelligence Committee, he is said to have obstructed investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 US election.

TMTG partnered with stock exchange Digital World Acquisition Corp to raise $293 million on the US stock exchange in September. Then, in early December, the two groups announced that they had received another $1 billion financing commitment.

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