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New start in Hütteldorf: Whatkatzer, Hofmann and Barisic did with Rapid …

New start in Hütteldorf: Whatkatzer, Hofmann and Barisic did with Rapid …

Five players were missing from the team’s training, Rapid’s new sporting director Markus Schatzer is full of energy – Zoran Barisic will change his training program due to less than ideal space conditions.

Three weeks after Christmas break fast On Friday, preparations for the spring season began. In front of the eyes of the new bosses Stefan Hofmann (General Manager) and Markuskatzer (General Director for Sport), Coach Zoran graduated Parisik With 25 players a 90-minute session. The sick person was not there Patrick GrillPatient Max HoffmannAnd the Thorsten Chic and Nicholas Sattleberger, who trained in the weight room, and Dragoljub Savic, who completed an individual program.

Barisic will change his training program due to sub-optimal space conditions. The coach said, “In the near future, the game against the ball will be at the forefront so that we have very good places in the training camp in Turkey, and after that we will focus more on the offensive game.”

fast He travels to Belek for 11 days on January 14, before the first test match against FC Donovild in the Regional League takes place on January 11. The season begins fast On February 3 with a guest appearance in the quarter-finals of the cup in WACthe Bundesliga will start on February 10 away from home against Sturm Graz.

Markuskatzer and the desire to succeed

Rapid’s new sporting director, Markuskatzer, presented himself full of energy in his presentation at Allianz Stadium. The 43-year-old has made it clear that he wants to be successful with the Hütteldorfers as quickly as possible and has confirmed this with coach Zoran Barisic and Managing Director. Stephen Hoffman Fruitful cooperation can be expected.

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Katzner played with Hoffmann from 2004 to 2013 fastHe won two championship titles and was coached by Barisic at times. “If you know each other well, that’s an advantage. Any other new athletic director is going to need more time to build a foundation of the trust we already have,” Katzer said.

The former team player is now in charge of the professional team, among other things, and thus has the final say on the field. The former left-back has predicted that there will be no altercations with Hoffmann and Barisic. “There will be one crucial decision or the other and obviously we won’t always agree. But we will always respect each other and we all have the same goal of quick success. At best, it never matters that he should speak with the word of force alone.”

When quick calls, then. . .

After leaving Rapid, Katzer joined Admira. “Compared to Rapid, it was really nice to have no press and it doesn’t matter if you lose once. But when there’s nothing at stake, you don’t have any pressure, and I need it,” said Vienna. After his last stop in Vienna, Katzer worked as a player advisor and more recently as a sports director for Vienna. “Great job, but if Rapid comes along, it’s an opportunity I can’t pass up.”

By his own admission, Katzer feels at home and describes himself as very ambitious. “I’ve always had a great work ethic, as a player I’ve been a real team player and I want to be like that in the future.” At the top of his priority list are contract talks with Leopold Kerfeld and Niklas Heidel, which have been difficult so far. But where there is a will, there is usually a way, Katzer said.

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Like Hoffmann, the former Euro 2008 participant is now a member of the management team, and the third party is business director Werner Kuhn, who, according to Rapid President Alexander Wrabitz, can remain in his post on a temporary basis until the second quarter. However, Kuhn isn’t considering a longer commitment. The fact that there are now three managing directors instead of the previous two, said Rabitz, “is not an inflated structure. Overall, the savings in management make it possible to form the team in a cost-neutral manner.”

At GmbH, the three members have “essentially equal rights”, but Hofmann will be the spokesperson and will also be in charge of youth, women’s football and the second team, according to the club president. The Rapid’s record player was also involved in the athletic director selection process. The former manager said they talked to “four or five candidates. In the end, Katziner was the best fit for us.” In addition, regarding cooperation with the new sports director and Barisic, Hoffmann emphasized: “Personal vanity is too late. We will always make the best decision for Rapid.”

The German Škatzer wants to fix the new worksheet for Barisic soon, who will return from the position of sports director to the position of coach. “We’ve come a long way already in the talks. And I think there will be an agreement soon,” Hoffman said. Barisic has already worked as a coach after parting ways with Ferdinand Wildhofer in the fall. “I’ve enjoyed working as a sporting director, but now I’m looking forward to a new era,” said the 52-year-old.

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Barisic has a high opinion of Katzener. “With his work ethic, his intelligence and his connection to Rapid, I am 100 percent confident he will do a top job.” The same applies to Hoffmann. “No piece of paper will fit between us. We know each other, and there is a foundation of trust that really allows us to step on the gas together.”

Barisic leads the first fast course of the year on the practice grounds on Friday. “The players went through their home program like I’ve never seen it before. And most of them did too,” the coach explained. Maximilian Hoffmann and Nicholas Sattleberger, who have been injured for a long time, are not yet able to train with the team, and Thorsten Scheek also has problems with the adductor muscle.