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“New travel options” planned for 2024

“New travel options” planned for 2024

Even if it doesn’t necessarily seem that way Bethesda A sci-fi epic with a similar longevity to what you can expect from the developer’s other role-playing games, and there’s regularly a breath of fresh air Starfield.

So the studio continues to work on Space Adventure Contents And it really reveals that we are already quite happy about the year ahead New ways to travel It should be imminent.

Starfield: New methods of space travel planned for next year

Via Reddit, the creators are now giving us a brand new update on Starfield and its ongoing development process, which currently includes a patch that actually only includes what’s called Pet Asteroid Bug It should be treated. This has led to some players being chased across the solar system in an almost relentless manner by space debris that won’t stop.

byu/Turbostrider27 From the discussion

“We worked hard on many of the issues you posted,” Bethesda explains in the latest news Message to players. He goes on to say: “[Wir] Expect an update early next year that will include a slew of “in-progress” task fixes in addition to FSR3 and XeSS. Although we’ve fixed some quest issues, fixing ongoing quest issues is more difficult and we’ve developed a new system to resolve these issues without requiring you to reset your save game.

But as promised, of course there was one Future outlook From Starfield: “We’re working hard on a lot of it, too [der] New features you requested City maps above Support the Ministry of Defense reach to New travel options (Stay tuned!)” The message read: “It will be released with a regular cadence of patches and updates, which we expect approximately every six weeks.”

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What exactly these “new travel options” are is still unknown. Although they came across Annoying loading screens Starfield has been criticized more than once in the past, but it’s hard to imagine that Bethesda will be able to improve it much, let alone pretty much rework the entire space game. Probably different Lunar and spacecraftWe’ll probably only hear some of the first details in a few weeks anyway. One But the mode actually lets you move between Starfield planets Travel.

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