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New Year Event 2023 – Best rewards at a glance

New Year Event 2023 – Best rewards at a glance

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to: Daniel Neubert

In Pokémon GO, planning for the 2023 New Year’s event is already in full swing. We tell you all about the rewards, results, and upcoming field research.

San Francisco – The year is coming to an end, but developers niantic Entry is allowed Pokemon GO Pop the cork properly. To celebrate the new year 2023, the developer surprisingly announced a special New Year event last night. As part of the event, you can not only look forward to a few special events Pokemon Wear stylish party hats, but you can also participate in special raids and new field research. In the article we tell you which Shinys attacks, attacks, and bonuses you can get and give you all the important background data about the New Year event.

The name of the game Pokemon GO
Version (date first published) 06 July 2016
Publishers niantic
a series Pokemon
platforms Android and iOS
Developer niantic
Type Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO: New Year’s Event 2023 – Start date and time

When will the 2023 New Year event take place in Pokémon GO? It’s no surprise that Niantic kicks off its 2023 New Year’s Eve event on New Year’s Eve. However, if you have other plans for New Year’s Eve and don’t just want to play Pokémon GO, you don’t have to worry about missing out. The 2023 New Year event will be a few days longer than that. The event will take place in Pokémon GO on the following days:

  • Event start: Saturday, December 31, 2022 from 8:00 PM (local time)
  • Event end: Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 8:00 PM (local time)
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Pokémon GO New Year’s 2023 event poster © Niantic / (Montage)

Any new Pokemon? Pokémon GO New Year’s 2023 event doesn’t necessarily bring new, particularly amazing monsters, but you can exclusively catch the following Pokémon during the event: (*Also possible as Shiny)

  • pikachu with party top hat *

Additionally, since the start of Pokémon GO New Year’s Event 2023, you have the opportunity to evolve your Hoothoot with New Year’s outfit into Noctuh with New Year’s outfit.

These Pokemon will spawn during the event: There are also combos unique to Pokémon GO in the New Year’s event. We will tell you which Pokemon will increasingly appear in the wild.

  • pikachu with party top hat *
  • Hotot with New Year’s outfits *
  • Wurmpel with party hat*

Pokémon GO: New Year Event 2023 – All eggs, rewards, raids and exclusive moves

The following Pokemon will hatch from within 7 km of the egg during the 2023 New Year’s event: The year-end event also affects the Pokémon that can be hatched during the event. Here you can see them all at a glance.

  • Pichu with party hat*
  • pee*
  • delicate *
  • Togepi*
  • Bully*
  • Kisela *
  • elcide *
  • Magpie*
  • Azurell *
  • isso *
Different Pokémon from Pokémon GO
These Pokemon can be hatched from within 7 km of eggs during the New Year 2023 event. © Niantic

At this point we would like to share our article with you “Pokemon Go: 25 Underworld Shinees in 2022” I recommend it, with which you can get a good overview of the most important dazzling monsters.

What rewards are active during the event? This time around, the event is especially useful if you still have a few Pokémon Eggs to hatch. Unfortunately, the 2023 New Year event does not have a Stardust bonus. You can still look forward to the following rewards:

  • All Pokémon eggs placed in an incubator during the 2023 New Year event will hatch twice as fast.
  • The first three eggs you hatch with the new Pokémon GO tool during the New Year’s event will have the hatching distance quartered. (On Android and iOS, you have to add the widget to your smartphone’s home screen.)
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Do not forget: While the reduced hatching distance is a really glaring bonus in the Pokémon GO New Year’s event, unfortunately the two bonuses can’t be combined. Niantic specifically mentioned this on their website.

These raids will take place during the event: During the five-day event, there are also raids of different difficulty levels. In this overview, you can see which Pokemon you have to deal with.

Level 1 raids Bulbasaur with party hat*, Charmander with party hat*, Squirtle with party hat*, Pikachu with party top hat*, Hoothoot with new year outfit
Level 3 raids Rattikarl with party hat*, Nidorino with party hat*, Gengar with party hat*, Wobbuffet with party hat*
Level 5 raids Reshiram *
massive raids mega steelix*

You can get this exclusive attack: If you catch Reshiram in the raid battle, it will have an exclusive fire attack.

  • across the flame
  • In Trainer Battles, Cross Flame does the following: 90 damage points
  • In Arena Battles and Raid Battles, Cross Flame causes: 140 damage points

Pokémon GO: New Year 2023 Event – Field Research Quests, Collector Challenge, and Outfits

New Year’s Event 2023 Field Research Tasks and Collector’s Challenge: Traditionally, Field Research quests and Collector’s Challenges are only announced at the start of a New Year’s event in Pokémon GO. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear what tasks await you at the turn of the year. Once we know more details about the challenges, we will provide the information.

New avatar item, new mode and new stickers: In addition to a pose for your trainer to light the confetti cannon, the hat that Pikachu wears during the Pokémon GO New Year’s event is also available in the shop. You’ll also get new stickers in the store, from PokéStops, and in gifts from friends for the duration of the event.

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