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New Year’s Eve escalation in Vienna-Floridsdorf: firecrackers thrown at the police – 70 ads

Young men throw firecrackers at the police in Vienna-Floridsdorf – three arrests
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On New Year’s Eve, there was an unexpectedly large police operation at the Mitterhofersiedlung in Vienna-Floridsdorf after young men threw a firecracker at police officers.

Young people threw firecrackers in the direction of the police at the Mitterhofersiedlung in Vienna-Floridsdorf.

A large police presence at the Mitterhofersiedlung in Vienna-Floridsdorf

Aba police said Sunday night that as a result, three people were arrested. 260 people have been identified and 70 people have been reported.

New Year’s Eve: Police also secured 20 kilograms of fireworks

In addition, 20 kilograms of fireworks, including 250 pieces of class F4, were confiscated, according to the police. According to the Fireworks Act, proof of specialized knowledge is required to possess and use Class F4 fireworks. This requires either a relevant trade licence, successful completion of a fireworks course or appropriate experience, which the authority must be able to credibly demonstrate.

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