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Next-gen Xbox: The release period is earlier than expected, according to informed sources

Next-gen Xbox: The release period is earlier than expected, according to informed sources

The Xbox Series

As part of confirming its new cross-platform strategy, Microsoft confirmed earlier this year that it would continue to be committed to its Xbox division and console release in the future. Accordingly, there will also be a successor to the Xbox Series

The popular Call of Duty data mine is now teasing a potential console release because a new game in Activision's long-running and successful shooter series is set to become a launch title for the XSX's successor.

What is meant in this case is the leaker Ghost of hope, who has now announced via social media: “I heard from reliable sources that the next Xbox is scheduled to be released at the end of 2025. It is very likely that CoD 2026 will be a day one release for it.” Call of Duty 2026 is being developed by Infinity Ward.

Ghost of hope It is a very good network within the publisher Activision, which is why relevant information can come from there. Releasing a new Call of Duty as a launch title for the new Xbox would make sense, especially since Activision is now owned by Microsoft.

Microsoft confirmed in February that it would continue to develop Xbox hardware in the future. At the time, for example, Sarah Bond announced that they already had a “roadmap for the next generation” and were fully focused on it. It promised nothing less than “the biggest technological leap I've ever seen in a hardware generation.”

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However, the release of the new Xbox at the end of 2026 will come as a bit of a surprise. As part of the Activision acquisition, documents were revealed stating that new consoles from Microsoft and Sony may not be expected until 2028; However, this document was from 2022, so something could have changed in the plans.

A purely digital, white model of the Xbox Series

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