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Next please: FC Wacker Innsbruck also tackle SK Vorwärts Steyr - League Two

Next please: FC Wacker Innsbruck also tackle SK Vorwärts Steyr – League Two

In round 29 of 2. The League Duel th SK Steyr forward Against the FC Walker Innsbruck. After seven straight wins, the away team was aiming to extend their winning streak and had three more points in light of relegation. But the guests wanted to make it as difficult for them as possible and return the favor to a 2-0 defeat in the first half of the season. Not an easy task for the hosts, who had to dispense with the ordinary Pasic universe against the Tyroleans. After a thrilling confrontation marked by numerous scoring chances, Innsbruck ultimately won with a score of 1: 3.

6 JubelWackerFarkas

FC Walker Innsbruck celebrated their eighth successive victory

After a quick goal from Walker Innsbruck, Vorarts-Steyr equalized shortly before the end of the first half.

From the start, the guests were fully involved, started very well and put up a frightening offensive pressure. After a few tries from Innsbruck, Okan Aydin showed his teammates how to do it right in the 14th minute of the match. The German pulled from about 20 meters and exactly sunk the ball at Cruzik to make it 0-1 in favor of FC Walker Innsbruck. The game is now more and more dictated and dictated by the outside world. It took until the 22nd minute before the hosts found their first chance: after a free kick from the right by Thomas Himmelfreundpointner, Michael Martic missed his header and the score remained the same. The longer the game, the home side, was able to free itself from the initial grip on the guests, but the chances were still few. Shortly before the break, Upper Austria goalkeeper Benedict Topper saved a superb save on the line from Ronnevaldo’s header, thus preventing his team from falling further. But then, on the other hand, Sasha Vahrungruber crossed a ball in the middle. Goalkeeper Aleksandr Eckmeier deflected David Gonzalez Paz’s attempt – but had no chance when Josep Martinovic hit it. The striker lay in the Pentagon and pushed the ball over the line to equalize 1: 1. Here the visitors’ defense wasn’t particularly assertive. With this booth he was also in the cabin.

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The first touch of the ball in the second round led to Innsbruck being led by Renevaldo

After a moralizing speech by coach Daniel Perovka, the guests appeared more lively in the second round. Shortly after the start of the second half (the 47th minute) Okan Aydin sent a cross to Atsushi Zizen, who went to Ronevaldo Bernardo Sales – and headed home and the new score was 1: 2 in favor of FC Walker Innsbruck. In the 62nd minute there was a short bang in the guests’ penalty area – Felix Sewald fell into the penalty area and demanded a penalty – but referee Joseph Spurney was there and rewarded the “offending” player with a yellow card for swallowing. This attempt to get a penalty kick didn’t pay off for Vorwärts Steyr – he was now suspended in the last game of the season! In the 68th minute, Thomas Himmelfreundpointner tried to make history in the Anniversary match – he tried to surprise the Innsbruck goalkeeper with a straight corner kick – but the ball fell into the outside net. After just three minutes (71), Ronivaldo proved his quality as an assistant: Marcus Valner reached a cross – handing it to Atoshi Zizen – and the Japanese scored 3-1 for Tyrols. Now the Innsbrucker team couldn’t get the butter out of their bread and they finally left the field as a 1: 3 winner.

SK VORWÄRTS STEYR – FC Walker Innsbruck 1: 3 (1: 1)

Goal Sequence: 0: 1 (Fourteenth Aid), 1: 1 (Martinovic 43), 1: 2 (Ronevaldo 47), 1: 3 (71 Zen)

EK Camera Hoover Arena Steyr; 0; Spurney – Hartle – Tekeli

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Steyr Forward: Benedikt Tober – Sascha Fahrngruber, Paul Sahanek, Alberto Prada-Vega, Felix Seiwald, Michael Martic – David Gonzalez Paz (77th Mustecic), Kevin Brandstätter (77th Hofstätter), Thomas Himmelfreundpointner (K) (84 Bilic) – Josiponsoal (84 Bilic) 55 Ablinger)

Walker Innsbruck: Alexander Ekmeyer-Darigo Grujic, Lucas Hopfauf (k), Alexander Gubisch, Florian Cobb-Okan Aydin, Atsushi Zizin (81 Hadzic (, Clemens Hopman, Marco Halls-Lucas Fredericas (65 Valner)), Ronivaldo Bernardo Sales

Game sounds:

Alex Zorzy, Walker Innsbruck Press Officer:

“I’m really proud of the team, how they handled the stress and how they won this match. Now is the time to focus completely on the final, because they want to go into the relegation!”

Written by Renee Dritnick

Image credit: Attila Varcas

All information about the game and live pointer is available Here…