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Next steps after ÖTV website re-launch

Next steps after ÖTV website re-launch

After switching on Tuesday, many improvements will be made until Friday afternoon.

Dear tennis lovers!

After the relaunch of the ÖTV website and all state association websites on Tuesday, the Austrian Tennis Federation would like to thank you for the many positive comments, but also for the constructive suggestions, suggestions for improvement and points of criticism, which we will incorporate in the next stages of expansion.

At this point we would like to mention that the time for this change was deliberately chosen because no championship games were planned for the upcoming Pentecost weekend (with only a few exceptions). We’re also aware that with the reboot, some functionality was initially unavailable or had defects, particularly in league and tournament menu items. Many issues have already been fixed and many functions can be added again. For example, team leaders’ contact details are now displayed again and various issues with tournament grids have been fixed.

ÖTV works with its partners and government associations under high pressure to solve other problems as quickly as possible. The following most important steps must be completed by Friday noon at the latest:

– Club search will be installed.
– The club offer has been expanded with club meetings.
– The mobile version will be improved both visually and in terms of handling.
– ITN menus will once again be expanded to include all other information previously available (eg ITN changes with each match).

In addition, many other improvements are being made, most of them smaller, such as improving the game schedule menus.

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We would like to thank you for the patience and trust you have shown and look forward not only to being able to provide all tennis fans in Austria with a new and more modern design, but also to be able to add countless other functions and features in the future.

ÖTV Team