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Next week’s heat wave: a warm air bubble back 30 degrees – meteorology

The tide has finally turned, or at least everything points to it. It was announced some time ago that he could get warm again in Germany. After all, the last day of summer was Mother’s Day at the beginning of May.

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Heat wave reaches 30 degrees

A warm air bubble is forming over Western Europe, which will extend to Germany at the beginning of next week. The temperatures are rising and finally getting hot again.

Values ​​increase up to 30 degrees. As things stand, the weather will be much warmer along the Rhine and from Westphalia to Altmark. But all over the country, many summer days await us.

There are still doubts about the model

Unfortunately, part of the whole truth is that there are still doubts about the weather forecast. The good news, however, is that all weather models are predicting higher temperatures at the start of next week. But the characteristics are different.

If you believe the EZMWF (European Center for Mid-Range Weather Forecast) model, it will be warm in the summer for at least three days across Germany. On the other hand, the US GFS weather model shows temperatures of only 25 degrees – and that may only be in the western parts of the country. The German model series about ICON also indicates overheating. So you can assume a few warm summer days next week with a relatively high degree of certainty.

What is certain, however, is that the summer weather forecast will begin on June 1st. Perhaps there will be a subtle landing with warmer weather.

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