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Next work – Gollingerin publishes the next book in the Punktmaus series

Next work – Gollingerin publishes the next book in the Punktmaus series

Bettina Blanyawski, author of the Punktmaus series for children, has been an illustrator for 20 years, although her passion for writing came later. Her first work was titled “The Honey Dot Mouse” and has now been translated into Russian and Ukrainian. The second book in The Pea Dot Mouse series was published in April last year. Even then, it gave hope for a third part of the children's series. “I'm currently in the final stretch,” says the illustrator, because the new volume will be printed in March.

“It will be another exciting adventure story,” says the author. The honey-spotted mouse asks for help from her best friend, the raspberry-spotted mouse. However, when the Emerald Swallow wants to give Simelia the answer, she is caught in one of the many storms in the Spot Mouse Forest. There are some hurdles to overcome and “kids can look forward to coding,” Blanyawski reveals.

In the third part of the series, the children's book author addresses, among other things, the topic of climate and the environment. The increasing number of storms in Punctmouse Forest should show the effects, Blanyawski says, and “the idea was to make kids aware of it.” In line with this, the book was printed in a climate-neutral manner by Googler-based company Milk. “I get ideas when I draw,” she jokes, and is already thinking about the fourth volume in the Punktmaus series, which will likely be called “The Chocolate Dot Mouse.”