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NFL - Black Monday: Alle News zum Fire Day

NFL – Black Monday: Alle News zum Fire Day

MUNICH – The NFL season heads toward the playoffs, but before that happens, “Black Monday” is traditionally on the program.

On the first Monday after the end of the regular season, dissatisfied teams broke with their coaches. Many layoffs usually take place within a single day. he ran It gives an overview of the news and rumors about “Black Monday” in the tape.

+++ Update, January 10, 3:30 PM: Dolphins fire Flores +++

This comes as a surprise! The Miami Dolphins have split from head coach Brian Flores. The team had missed the playoffs again despite eight wins in the last nine matches.

The former assistant New England Patriots was in charge of the South Beach team for three years.

+++ Update, January 10, 3:20 PM: It looks like Zimmer and Nagy have released +++

Black Monday is getting faster now. According to various media reports in the USA, the Minnesota Vikings broke up with head coach Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman. The latter joined the franchise in 2006, moved to General Motors in 2012 and moved to Zimmer two years later.

And it looks like Matt Nagy has to pack his things, too. Consistent media reports have said the Chicago Bears head coach is losing his job after four years during which he led the team to the playoffs twice.

+++ Update, January 10, 1:30 PM: Survivor According to Rapoport Before Aus – Carol Should Explain +++

NFL insider Ian Rapoport believes this will be Matt Nagy’s last day as coach for the Chicago Bears. There has been speculation about the coach’s dismissal for months.

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Meanwhile, there will be a conversation between the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll, according to information from the expert, in which it must be understood whether the future plans of both sides will coincide. It is also about dealing with Russell Wilson, who could become a commercial candidate.

+++Update, Jan 10, 11:15 a.m.: Rhule and Culley are confident +++

Matt Roll counts among the Carolina Panthers two years later. After the team looked like they were in the playoffs this season, they lost their last seven games and said goodbye with a number 5-12.

The head coach doesn’t want to know anything about the breakup – he even spoke with club owner David Tepper about the general future, but not his personal future. “I’m going to coach until they tell me I’m no longer the coach,” Roll said.

The situation is similar with the Houston Texans, who even bye with a 4-13 record. David Culley can swing here – even if he and the team are hit by quarterback problems.

The coach said, “So far, I have a feeling that I will continue to coach the team next year. I am looking forward to next year.”

+++ Update Jan 10 10:15 AM: Carol doesn’t think of saying goodbye to the Seahawks +++

Given the Seattle Seahawks’ disappointing season, there is speculation about a breakup with head coach Pete Carroll. But the old hand strongly assumes that it will last for him.

After 38:30 at the Arizona Cardinals, he answered questions about his concern about his whereabouts: “No. I feel good.”

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In the coming days, he will be speaking to team owner Jodi Allen, who took over the office from her late brother Paul Allen. Action is as always and “really makes sure we’re dealing with things. She’s very analytical and wants to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make it go well.”

+++ Update, Jan 10, 8:30 a.m.: Zimmer avoids questions about the future +++

With 31:17 against the Chicago Bears, the Minnesota Vikings finished the season with tolerance. But then head coach Mike Zimmer has to talk about his future, because his chair will have to swing after season two with a straight negative balance.

“It is not my decision,” the coach, who has been in office since 2014, evaded the post-match press conference: “Let’s not discuss this today. If you want to talk about it tomorrow, we will do it tomorrow. But now is not the time to think about eight years.” .

+++ Update, January 9, 4:30 pm: Bronco Fangio fired +++

This has been hinted at, and now it has happened: Denver Broncos have fired coach Vic Fangio. “We broke up with Vic Fangio,” the Colorado chain briefly tweeted at 4:24pm GST on Sunday afternoon.

The 63-year-old hasn’t been able to lead the Broncos to the playoffs in three years and has always finished the season on a negative balance. The Broncos’ problem at quarterback continues as well, and neither Drew Lock nor Teddy Bridgewater appear to have any prospects for the future.

According to 9News journalist Mike Cleese, attack coordinator Pat Shurmore should leave.

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The hottest candidate for the head coach position at the Broncos is now Dan Quinn, currently the Dallas Cowboys’ defense coordinator.

+++ Update, January 9, 12:54 PM: Vikings coach must go +++

The Minnesota Vikings miss the playoffs again and as a result coach Mike Zimmer will have to vacate his position, according to consistent media reports.

The coach is in his eighth season with the Vikings, but he is 7-9 for the second time in a row. Longtime GM Rick Spielman should stay. He has a close relationship with the Vikings’ owners and is now supposed to “watch” the new coach and new general manager in a new role.

+++ Update, January 9, 12:25 PM: Fangio with the Broncos before the end +++

According to identical media reports, coach Vic Fangio is facing the end. The best candidate for a successor appears to be Dan Quinn, who is currently the Dallas Cowboys’ defense coordinator.

Fangio has had 19 wins and 29 losses for the Broncos in three seasons. For the third time in a row he missed the playoffs with the Broncos and had no season with a positive record. Denver ended the current season by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 24:28, 7-10.

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