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NFL: Rayman made the jump to the Colts squad

NFL: Rayman made the jump to the Colts squad


Bernhard Reimann has taken a big step closer to his big dream of playing competitive matches in the National Football League (NFL). As expected, the 24-year-old from Burgenland made his cut on Tuesday (local time) and is in the final 53-player roster for the tournament that begins next week. Tyrolean rider Sandro Platzgomer missed that jump again with the New York Giants, and so did Viennese tight end Bernard Sikowitz with the Arizona Cardinals.

Rayman, who was the first Austrian to be named 77th in the NFL Draft at the end of April, appears as one of the eight total players on coach Frank Reich’s squad. The left-footed tackle is expected to start the season as a backup, which begins on September 11 for the Moults away to Houston Texans with new quarterback Matt Ryan.

Head coach Reich explained while preparing: “He has become more and more consistent. If he continues to improve his game at this level, I think it will be a factor.” However, you can also see that “he is still inexperienced at times. But he clearly has the physical requirements and toughness needed to play this position.” Rayman himself said that the NFL was “ruthless” and that opponents were in several ranks. Stronger than they were in college. “Here you have to do your duties perfectly and pay attention to every detail. I have to work on that.”

With Tony Fritsch, Tony Lienhart and Ray Wershing, three Austrians have already played in the most expensive sports league in the world, but none of them have been recruited and represented above all in the special prestige of the kicker. As a classic field player, no homegrown player has yet received honors in the NFL, Rayman must change that.

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Platzjmer and Sikovic are not in the 53-man squad

The other two Austrians trying to make their way into the NFL through the International Path Program (IPP) didn’t make it onto their 53-man roster. Tyrolean running back Platzgummer, like tight-knit Sikowitz, should get an exceptional place on the coaching staff with the Arizona Cardinals, but that doesn’t allow for any game.

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