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NFL Recap: Los Angeles Chargers vs Denver Broncos 19:16

The Los Angeles Chargers won their home game in Week 6 against the Denver Broncos 19-16 in overtime. The hero of the evening was kicker Dustin Hopkins, who made the decision despite a thigh injury. On the other hand, the opponent got angry after a good start with a frightened football.

Chargers vs. Broncos: At a Glance

  • The Broncos started well and Russell Wilson moved well in and out of the jeep. Finally he brought in deep shots with decent frequency again and took advantage of the massive mistakes made by the sub-charger in the first half.
  • However, the Charger stepped up and took their weakest link in the game, cornerback JC Jackson, off the field at the break. Things improved after that, and the Broncos returned to their familiar, uninspiring rut.
  • Although the Chargers had massive problems up front, which led to a constant shooting from Justin Herbert, they often gave their hard-hit Dustin Hopkins a chance to score the necessary points. In overtime, a gift from the guests gave them a chance to win.

Los Angeles Chargers vs Denver Broncos: Analysis

The story of the first half of this match was full of penalties. The first three offensive lines in the game started with a flag. And the interference of a pass from Chargers Cornerback JC Jackson kept the Broncos’ first drive alive. A sack on 3 by Khalil Mack against Russell Wilson on a 3 down, however, blocked worse, so the visitors settled on a 51-yard field goal.

The key here was Wilson missing a tight wide-open finish by Greg Dolch, making his first appearance in the NFL, down the middle before the sack. However, late in the first quarter, Wilson did better and found Dulcich for a 39-yard touchdown pass. It was the result of a breakdown in the coverage of chargers. Dulcich “in the line” and wide receiver KJ Hamler On the outside vertical cross roads, Jackson took Hamler and the safety of Derwin James, who in theory would be Dulcich’s only possible cover player in the situation, preferred coverage against a potential swing pass to a run back. Dulcich has been quite open about it.

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Chargers responded afterwards and were fortunate that the third downshift was mistakenly counted as the first down, even though the receiver was turned off just off the mark. Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett declined to take on a deep challenge in his own half, so the hosts continued to lead. With a noteworthy touchdown, Ekeler ran from over 6 yards, although several defenders hung on him. On the next pat, Dustin Hopkins Chargers kicker injured his thigh and later came back.

Two more field goals followed, putting Denver at 13:10 into the break. After the break, Jackson was disqualified in favor of Michael Davis and appears to have been substituted for performance reasons.

Chargers vs. Broncos: Defenses took over after the break

Then, the home side tied with a 31-yard field goal six minutes into the second half. Early in the last quarter – both defenses largely dominated the third quarter – the Charger was then stopped at 4th Down when rising linebacker Damarri Mathis, starting with Ronald Darby, aborted a pass to DeAndre Carter. For Mathis, it was like making a payback after he had previously been hit multiple times in coverage and received three PI penalties in particular.

Broncos ignored the attack and chased after them. Then the defense took charge and made a big, fast play: Edge breaker Baron Browning managed to capture a skewed pass down the middle from Herbert for his first interception in the NFL. The Broncos tapped again afterward, but reclaimed the lead with a 48-yard field goal from Brandon McManus eight minutes before time.

As a result, the Charger walked into the red again thanks to a fourth PI penalty against Mattis and they were stopped again. Painfully, Hopkins tied again from 35 yards.

The hosts got the ball back straight after the two-minute warning thanks to linebacker Drue Tranquill, whose struggle through the middle for third led to the second sack. But they didn’t do anything about it either, because instead of getting 1 back in third near midfield shortly before the end, which was possible with so many open receivers, Herbert preferred to throw a short pass to Tamm. Stop tight end in front of the tag. Then the charger set the clock to finally get hi Maryam, and that failed. over time!

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What followed was a variety of bad playing calls and cowardly conservative football. Fortunately for the Chargers, returning Montrell awarded Washington a muffled kick, which the Chargers conquered at opponent 28. Herbert then pressured his team to net Hopkins’ 39-yard goal for the win.

Hackett then explained to reporters that Wilson injured his hamstring during the match. The severity of the injury remains unclear.