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Nine goals between Ebbs II and Achensee – WSG Tirol 1c with a landslide victory over Kolsass / Weer II – Fußball Tirol – Results, tables and scorers from all leagues in Tirol.

In the 22nd round of the Eastern First Division WSG Tyrol 1c With a 7:1 win over SV Raika Kolsass/Weer II fixed the climb. Perhaps it will not be possible to get the leader Stans – four laps before the end, seven points missing. Incredibly exciting duel between SK Blitzschutz Pfister Ebbs II The Achensee-Ebbs wins 5:4 after being 0:3 behind.

You can’t score five goals in every match

Gerhard Sissel, coach SK Blitzschutz Pfister Ebbbs II: “We decided to improve our game and play fewer highballs. We did that very well in the 90 minutes!

But right from the start, should I mention that we were 3-0 down without knowing why? The opponent wasn’t outstanding or anything, but again we had complete failures in our defense – unfortunately we’ve been dealing with this for months – and so the opponent couldn’t score undeservedly at 0:3. The two top scorers are David Deutsch (2) and Mario Fichtinger.

After various training measures on our part, we finally made our way into our game and tied 3:3 before the break. We had chances again before the break for three games. Alexander Haslacher, Ozgur Gungur and a special goal from the guests made us reach 3:3.

In the break between the two halves, the team told us that they have to keep playing like the last thirty minutes of the first half. We did it really well and thanks to another great job by Alexander Hasslacher we took the 4:3 lead. At that point at the latest, we thought we’d win anyway. We moved up the speed – I think it’s because of the heat. However, the opponent equalized again in the 82nd minute through Manuel Benz free kick from about twenty meters. We are back at the start!

But we were able to change that again by increasing the team’s performance, thus making the score 5:4 with Ozgur Gungor’s second goal.

Overall, the team performed very well, we endured every setback and were able to leave the field as winners. But what we as coaches have to bear in mind is that we have been seeing a killer leak in the back team for months and we have been losing our paychecks almost week after week with such actions! The boys need to stop that urgently because you can’t score five goals in every game to win. This week we continue the double round! “

Top players SK Blitzschutz Pfister Ebbs II: Julius Lofer (ZM), Özgür Güngör- (LM), Alexander Haslacher (ST)

Kolsass / Weer II vs Wattens 1c No Chance

Rainer Berger, WSG Tirol 1c مدرب Trainer: “The guests were very defensive and we acted in a brutally superior manner. Something very clear to my intention. The goals were scored by Khalil Taker, Tarkan Akbulut (2), Andreas Domer, Boris Juric (2) and Boris Juric. Mario Kon scored the goal for the guests. “

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