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No awards ceremony yet due to Valieva case: US moves to CAS

Updated 2/19/2022 at 1:48 pm

  • The award ceremony for the group competition for figure skaters is still pending.
  • The IOC’s executive has stopped awarding medals after learning that Russian athlete Camila Valiyeva was confirmed in a doping test.
  • On the other hand, American athletes, silver medalists, take precedence over CAS.

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Figurine skating team United States Demands that the International Arbitration Council for CAS hand over the silver medals from the team competition at the Olympics in Beijing. A total of nine runners appealed against the decision not to hand over the medals Russian sprinter Camila Valiyeva is involved in a doping scandal To suspend. This was confirmed by Matthieu Reeb, CAS Director General of the French news agency AFP.

Valiyeva, 15, won gold with the team at the start of the Figure Skating results in the first weekend. Became known after his positive doping test The next day of the competition is from December 25th The medal presentation was canceled by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)..

CAS is the one to decide

The CAS hearing is scheduled for Saturday evening. The Beijing Winter Games end on Sunday. The United States finished second behind Russia in the group stage, followed by Japan and Canada. (SID / hau)

Camila Valieva became the first woman to complete two or four jumps in Olympic history as part of a team competition at the Winter Games. Nevertheless, he was not completely satisfied after his presentation because even the fall obscured his overall impressive performance. (Teaser Image: AFP / Sebastian Bozon) © Eurosport

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