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No, NASA has not found a mysterious door on Mars

No, NASA has not found a mysterious door on Mars

There are still many mysteries waiting to be solved on Mars. A mysterious door on the roof is not one of them. The NASA They have released a new photo that appears to show an entrance in the Red Rock. But the interpretation is completely different.

People like to see things that don’t exist

For a decade, NASA’s Curiosity probe has provided fascinating glimpses of Mars and greatly expanded our understanding of the Red Planet. On Mars Day 3466 – May 7, 2022 on Earth – the rover’s main camera was pointed at a hill called East Cliff. The goal was to create a recording that would surely raise eyebrows among scientists and observers on Earth. The photo shows what appears to be a small door in one area.
30 cm high and 40 cm wide: “The Mars Door”

If such images spread quickly outside the scientific community as an avoidable sensation, NASA would leave no room for wild speculation. Thus, the mound, which is part of the larger Mount Sharp structure, has a number of naturally occurring open fractures. “Including one that is about 30 cm high, 40 cm wide, and the size of a dog door,” the scientists said in their talk. formulations. Then comes the obvious classification: “These types of open fractures are common in primary rocks on both Earth and Mars.”
NASA Rover Curiosity The eastern cliff of Jebel Sharp: the door that appears is natural

pattern phenomenon

In the corresponding Twitter thread, the Curiosity team also tries to provide a clear classification: “It may look like a small door, but it’s actually a natural geological feature.” This is also where the reference to the phenomenon follows, which explains why many viewers immediately want to recognize a supposedly artificial structure.

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Pareidolia refers to the fact that familiar patterns appear to be recognized in other organisms. This is happening on Mars right now again and again.

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