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No new IT jobs are created

No new IT jobs are created

To date, new positions for IT professionals have evolved faster than new employees can be trained. But that seems to be changing now. In the US, the sector's most prominent pioneer, no new jobs were added last year.

Low mobility

Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 267,000 new jobs will be created for IT professionals by 2022. However, last year, just 700 were added, according to analysis by technology consulting firm Zanco Associates. program.

There are various developments behind this. Of course, layoffs played a major role in many companies. 262,242 jobs have been lost here. In other years there were a large number of job cuts, but new jobs were always created at different points, but this potential is no longer there.

Two key factors were identified during the study of a small number of new hires. On the one hand, many institutions were overcrowded during the pandemic. To guard against absenteeism due to illness and other difficulties, generous hiring is desirable – a consolidation is now taking place.

AI is making an impact

Additionally, there are early results from the development of modern AI systems. Various employees who previously performed simple tasks in IT support and similar areas are already being replaced by mechanical services. For example, the relevant staff must now be retrained.

The influence of AIs is also evident in job cuts. Most of the IT layoffs were in entry-level positions, particularly in customer service, telecommunications and hosting automation. However, new jobs are being created for skilled workers who can control and further develop AI systems.

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  • Almost no new IT job growth in the US in 2022
  • Layoffs contributed to the stagnation in IT jobs
  • The pandemic has led to overstaffing in companies
  • Integration after liberal settings
  • AI development is changing simple IT tasks
  • Frequent layoffs at entry-level positions
  • There is a growing demand for AI-specialized professionals

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