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No school for girls: US cancels Taliban talks

The United States has canceled planned talks with the radical Islamist Taliban in Doha following the closure of high schools for girls in Afghanistan. “We have rescinded some of our promises, especially the scheduled meetings in Doha,” a US State Department spokesman said in Washington today.

“And we have made it clear that we see this decision as a possible turning point in our responsibilities,” he added. The talks are scheduled to take place on the sidelines of the Doha Forum in the Qatari capital over the weekend.

The Taliban reversed the decision shortly after high schools for girls officially reopened in Afghanistan on Wednesday. Thousands of schoolgirls were sent home a few hours later on the first day of classes in August.

The right of women to education is one of the key conditions of the international community to help the unrecognized Taliban government. When the Islamists came to power in August last year, all schools were officially closed due to the epidemic. After two months, only boys and some young girls were allowed to resume classes.

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